Pump room of Maxima


    This pump room offers sulphurous water and alkaline water.

    The ferruginous spring flows at the foot of the Hotel des Princes, from the 17th century it gradually builds the fame of Amphion, an old spa very popular during the second empire.
    At the end of the 19th century, a new alkaline source similar to that of Evian was discovered, at a prodigious flow of 300 liters per minute, it was called Maxima (from the Latin Maximum), it was even bottled Table with 75 000 liters of water a year, the curists and the drinkers flock, it is the apogee of the baths of Amphion, underlined by a final discovery during the catchments of Maxima, that of the sulphurous source , The source Terrier, named after the owner of the land.

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    Further information

    Ferruginous water is advised in nervous states or states of weakness, anemia. Sulfur water is known for its antiparasitic benefits, advised in case of infection of the skin, the respiratory tract.

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    All year round, daily.


    Free of charge.


    Parc Maxima
    rue de maxima
    74500 Publier

    Located at the exit of Amphion, direction Evian

    Spoken languages

    • French